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  • 1973: The Road to War, ebook

    1973: The Road to War, ebook

    In 1973: The Road to War, Israeli historian Yigal Kipnis delves deep into the Israeli and American archives and reveals the degree to which the war could have been avoided.  Avoided, that is, if in the months preceding...

  • America's Continuing Misadventures ebook

    America's Continuing Misadventures ebook

    Chas W. Freeman Jr. is one of America's most brilliant and experienced diplomats and an outspoken advocate of diplomacy and other measures short of war to address international problems. In American's Continuing...

  • Arabia Incognita, ebook

    Arabia Incognita, ebook

    Yemen is surely the most strategically important country to be so studiedly ignored in the West, and this volume gathering up incisive essays on its contemporary history and politics is essential reading. Prof. Juan Cole,...

  • Chaos and Counterrevolution, ebook

    Chaos and Counterrevolution, ebook

    ...offers a tour de force inside the Middle East region. It presents candid and lucid analyses of interconnected complexities ranging from a lurking colonial past and hegemonic policies, to rising expectations and dashed...

  • Chief Complaint, ebook

    Chief Complaint, ebook

    Hatim Kanaaneh is a master story-teller, whose intimate portraits of village life contain far bigger truths about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than any dry political analysis. Jonathan Cook, Author of Disappearing...

  • Gaza Unsilenced, ebook

    Gaza Unsilenced, ebook

    … joins the narrative of Palestine’s witness—of oppression, brutality, and death, but also of life reaffirmed and resistance reclaimed. PHYLLIS BENNIS, Institute for Policy Studies During and after...

  • Gaza Writes Back, ebook

    Gaza Writes Back, ebook

    Gaza Writes Back: Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine, edited by Refaat Alareer is a compelling collection of short stories from fifteen young writers in Gaza, members of a generation that has suffered...

  • In Our Power, ebook

    In Our Power, ebook

    When this battle is won, as I am certain it will be, this book will serve as a record of a vital part of the struggle. Ali Abunimah, Author of The Battle for Justice in Palestine In the years following Israel’s...