Shipping & Returns

For instructions on how to pack books for safe shipping, click here.


Currently, we are able to ship to almost everywhere in the world from our three print-distribute hubs, located in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia.

All prices given here are in U.S. dollars.

Enjoy the store-- and more than anything else, we hope you enjoy our timely and important books and help us to spread the good news about them!

Returns Policy

We are generally not able to offer a Return option for purchases through this webstore unless the product you receive from our fulfillment partners is flawed in some way. (A rare occurrence... but if it happens we need to know that, and much appreciate being told!)

If you'd like to arrange for a replacement or refund for a flawed product, please contact us at Thanks!

For some bulk purchases, especially those made in connection with speaking appearances by our fabulous authors, we do offer returnability. These customers who want to return unsold copies are requested to contact our Director of Sales and Operations, Nancy Santmyer, to inform her how many copies you plan to return, to adjust your invoice, and to receive shipping instructions. Be aware that you ship these returns to us at your own cost and risk. We strongly advise you to insure your shipment, which you can do even if you're using USPS's affordable Media Mail service. Please also pay attention to the following instructions on how to safely pack any books you plan to ship to us.

How to safely pack books for shipping

Books are a lot more fragile than most people think. In the course of being shipped the following things can happen to your shipment:

  • The shipping box may be tossed around; dropped onto concrete, into a snowdrift, or into a waterway; have other heavy boxes dropped on top of it; or otherwise mistreated.
  • The contents of the box may be jerked abruptly from side to side. Separate stacks of books may smash sharply into each other. Book corners get smushed, covers and pages get ripped, bent, folded, or stained.
  • Many of the books in a shipment may end up being unsaleable.
  • Shipments can even be completely lost-- and when found, they may be almost unidentifiable.

Trust us! We have seen all these things happen. Here's how to minimize the damage that shipping can cause to books:

  • Place all the books you want to ship into neat stacks, and estimate what number and size of boxes you need to enclose them. Do not plan to pack books completely tightly into a box, but leave some space around them to absorb some possible blows to the box. Important: Even if you have a full box you might want to return to us, realize that a box that has successfully made one journey (to you), may not be strong enough for a return journey (back to us), without additional reinforcement. So check such boxes carefully and reinforce or even replace them as necessary.
  • Choose good strong boxes to ship your returns in, and make sure the bottoms are well taped before you put in any books.
  • Place your stacks of books neatly into the box or boxes you're using. If you're placing more than one stack into a box, use a piece of cardboard to separate the stacks. Another approach is to wrap each stack separately and tightly in strong paper, and tape up that package before you place it in the box.
  • Put one or more of your own business cards, and/or a copy of your invoice from us, into the box on top of the books. (This will help with any later insurance claims, or to help the shipper find your box if it gets lost... )
  • This is a crucial step! Once you have packed into each box everything you want to ship, use lots of wadding to fill up the rest of the space in the box completely. You may have kept some of the wadding that we used for outward shipping; in which case re-use it. If you need more, you can crumple up sheets of newspaper and use those. Please don't use styrofoam "peanuts". Wadding up the space is a crucial key to safe shipping.
  • Once the whole space in the box is full, tape up the top securely, check that the corners are strong and secure, and run as many additional rings of tape around the whole box as you feel it might need before you take it to the USPS, UPS, or your other chosen shipper.

Thanks for looking after the books!