About Us

About Us

Just World Books was founded in 2010 by longtime global-affairs writer and researcher Helena Cobban, who continues as our CEO. We publish the work of talented authors who write thought-provoking books across a variety of genres that expand and enrich the discourse in the United States and worldwide on issues of great international concern. Our emphasis is on topics connected with the Middle East and with war and peace issues more broadly.

Our books include works of strong, original research into the background of current events, memoirs by notable advocates for peace and human equality, works that celebrate aspects of Middle Eastern culture and history, author-curated compilations of shorter texts previously published online, and short-story collections. Most of our books are available in a variety of ebook formats along with their print versions. Check our website, www.justworldbooks.com, to learn about formats and prices.

Our books can be bought at any bookstore in the United States, Canada, and most other countries in the English-speaking world, or via all major online retailers. If you want to support your local bookstore and don’t see the title you want on the shelf there, the store should be able to get it in for you within just a few days. Bookstore buyers in the United States and Canada will know they can order our books from our primary distributor, the Independent Publishers Group (IPG) or its partner distributors/wholesalers. In the U.K., bookstores can order our books from Gazelle Book Services. Contact information for these two companies is at the back of this catalog.

We continue to work closely with community-based organizations that seek to use our books as educational or cultural resources (and can make a modest profit by doing so.) We are always eager to work with bookstores or community groups that want to host energizing events with our authors or find other ways to use our books as resources.

We welcome inquiries from non-English language publishers and from English-language publishers outside of North America who want to obtain publishing rights for our books in their areas.

2016 saw the start of the activities of our partners at Just World Educational (JWE), a non-profit organization incorporated in Virginia and led by a distinguished eight-person board. JWE is currently working in parallel with Just World Books to organize educational activities on the same range of issues that Just World Books publications deal with and in a way that is often synergistic with our book publishing. To learn more about JWE and ways you can connect with or support its activities, please visit its website www.justworldeducational.org

Just World Books makes resources and space for much-needed conversations accessible to people, helping to increase public understanding around some of the most critical issues of our time. Leila Abdelrazaq

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