Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

Helena Cobban, Founder and CEO

Helena Cobban, a Quaker committed to social justice and nonviolent conflict resolution, is the founder and owner of Just World Books. A longtime blogger and reporter, she decided to create the company in 2010 when she realized that some of the best reporting on international issues was getting buried in blogs. She began working with the authors of these blogs to “curate” their work, putting it in chronological order and finding common themes throughout the posts, and put it in book form. Since then, the company has taken off, publishing books from around the world in many different genres. Helena received her MA from Oxford University in 1981. She lived in Lebanon for seven years during the civil war, and this experience shaped her worldview and showed her first-hand the human rights abuses that people living in a war zone face on a daily basis. During this time, she worked as a Beirut-based correspondent for news outlets including The Christian Science Monitor, The Sunday Times, ABC News, and the BBC. Later, she was a regular contributor to The Christian Science Monitor and the Arabic-language daily newspaper Al-Hayat, and she has continued to contribute to these and to other news sources. She has published seven books of her own on international issues and conflict resolution, as well as contributing to many others, and she authors a blog, Just World News, which comments on global issues and has been cited internationally.