Watches Without Time

An American Soldier in Afghanistan
by Matt Zeller

Matt Zeller’s raw, intense journal perfectly captures the initial idealism and inevitable frustrations of a junior officer serving in Afghanistan. This book deserves to be read widely by Americans today but will long remain an important part of the historical record. Andrew Exum, Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security

Watches Without Time

For eight months in 2008, U.S. Army Capt. Matt Zeller served as an embedded combat adviser with the Afghan security forces in Ghazni, Afghanistan. Watches Without Time is a compilation of the emails and letters he sent home to family and friends during that period– so that, as he writes in the Preface, “should anything have ever happened to me, they would know what I went through.”

Watches Without Time gives a granular and gripping account of the tough challenges that Zeller and his men encountered in Ghazni, and of the very complex missions they accomplished there. Written in clear and searingly intimate prose, it also highlights the many trials and emotion-laden experiences he underwent throughout his tour and after returning to the United States.

In Watches Without Time, Zeller drops readers onto the battlefield by capturing the stress, grind, and uncertainty U.S. troops face in a guerilla war. It provides insight we don’t often get and allows readers a much better understanding of the war our country’s sons and daughters were sent to fight.Brandon Friedman, author, The War I Always Wanted

Zeller takes his readers with him on an emotional journey that will lead many to share the anger he felt at the many ways in which he saw the war being mismanaged, while stirring increased admiration for the soldiers tasked with conducting that war on the very difficult terrain of Afghanistan.

Watches Without Time
has a Foreword by former Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Amb. Edward S. (‘Ned’) Walker. It gives the reader a realistic, heartwarming, and terrifying look at the the challenges the U.S. military faced in Afghanistan, and the strain the war has placed on many U.S. soldiers.

Watches Without Time is available in Paperback ($20.99) and Ebook ($9.99)


302 pages, 6″ X 9″
Published July 2012
ISBN 9781935982203