JWB and Just World Ed seeking part-time help

Just World Books LLC is a book publisher with a fine list of titles on issues of Palestinian rights and anti-militarism. Just World Educational, a separate body, is a small but feisty educational non-profit, headed by a distinguished board, that works on a similar range of issues. Both organizations are run from Washington DC. In Spring 2024, both are looking to hire part-time help on a contract basis. Our preference is to have a single person fill both positions, though just possibly they could be split. The work can be performed remotely but location of the contractor (or compensated intern) in a major metropolitan area of the United States is an advantage.

We are hoping to fill these positions as early as possible, and anyway well before the end of April.

The successful applicant(s) will be committed to justice for Palestinians, very trustworthy, and diligent self-starters. They should be excellent, clear communicators in English, and have familiarity with using spreadsheets for project management, other basic business-management skills, and good social-media skills. Basic video-editing and Youtube-creator skills are also an advantage.

As noted above, our preference is to have a single person fill these positions at both organizations, which would add up to 40-60 hours of work per month at a compensation rate of $18-$22. In addition to receiving the agreed level of compensation, the successful candidate will acquire considerable new skills in the business of book publishing and valuable, highly educational exposure to the powerful networks that the two orgs work with… and will also know that they are making an important contribution to the Western discourse on Palestine at a crucial point in world history.

Interested persons should apply for this position (or positions) by submitting this form. Applications will remain open until at least April 15.