About Us

Just World Books exists to expand the discourse in the United States and worldwide on issues of vital international concern. We are committed to building a more just, equitable, and peaceable world. We uphold the equality of all human persons. We aim for our books to contribute to increasing understanding across national, religious, ethnic, and racial lines... to share more broadly the reflections, analyses, and policy prescriptions of pathbreaking activists for peace... and to help to prevent war.

Just World Books was founded in Spring 2010 by former Christian Science Monitor global-affairs columnist Helena Cobban and is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. We use a variety of 21st-century technologies ensure the publication of our titles in a high-quality as well as timely way. We publish a variety of genres: our past projects have included  academic titles, author-curated compilations of blog posts and/or other shorter texts, a cookbook, a graphic novel, poetry, and memoirs.

All our books are published in the first instance as high-quality paperbacks. Many are also released as hardcovers and ebooks in different formats. We publish, distribute, and license the publication of our titles worldwide, though our "home market" is the U.S. market. 

Through the end of 2014 our list has had a strong (though not exclusive) focus on Middle Eastern topics. In the future we plan to start publishing books on a range of topics related to Peace Studies and the strengthening of antiwar activism worldwide.

We're glad you have stopped by our website and hope you take time to browse our wonderful author profiles and list of published books. If you want to stay connected and learn about upcoming titles and company news, sign up for our periodic e-newsletters here. You can also keep up with us via Facebook and Twitter!

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