Miko Peled in U.K., Amsterdam!

Our Miko Peled, aka " The General's Son", took his message of peace, justice, and equality to Europe once again last week! In the U.K., he spoke first to a capacity audience in the elegantly appointed St. Helier Town Hall in Jersey... Then he hopped back to the British "mainland" and spoke to another capacity audience at the P21 event space in London:

In late April, Peled launched the updated Second Edition of his groundbreaking memoir The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine. This edition of the book has won rave endorsements from Naomi Wolf, Seymour Hersh, Ralph Nader, and others. (You can read all the endorsements here.)

Oh, and did we mention that, from London, our intrepid peacemaker journeyed to Amsterdam, where once again he spoke to a capacity crowd, this time in the city's historic Zuiderkirk?

Along the way, Peled conducted this very informative 10-minute interview with Afshin Rattansi, host of RT-London's "Going Underground".

During this trip to Europe-- as during the trip he had at the end of April, which took him to France and Iceland-- Peled was able to see firsthand how smartly Europe's many activists for Palestinian rights are organizing these days.

When he was in the U.K., the country was still reeling from various events inside the opposition Labor Party, in which some determined pro-Zionist activists had intervened in various leadership elections to try to smear progressive Laborites who support equal rights for Palestinians as being somehow "anti-Semitic". 

Those activities, many of which seem to have been orchestrated by supporters of the Conservative Party, backfired notably when the (as it happens, British-Muslim) Labor candidate in London's significant mayoral election beat the Conservative candidate handily.

Then, while Peled was in Amsterdam, Netherlands legislators were preparing for a significant debate and vote to be held the following day, in which some legislators were trying to get the pro-boycott campaigning of the pro-Palestinian-rights BDS movement ruled somehow illegal. 

That attempt to criminalize pro-BDS activity was also roundly beaten back. Indeed, the Netherlands Foreign Minister declared straightforwardly that pro-boycott activities remain completely protected by the Netherlands' own free speech protections, as well as those of the European Court of Human Rights.

Peled reflected that he was very happy to have been part of the campaign for full equal rights for Palestinians that is building in Europe and worldwide.

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Miko Peled at NYC "General's Son" launch: "Best cause for hope is a single state"

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David Swanson Launches War is A Lie Book Tour in DC

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Laila El-Haddad & Susan Abulhawa at "Palestine in India" colloquium

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