Susan Abulhawa

Susan Abulhawa, author of My Voice Sought the Wind, is from Jerusalem and currently lives in Pennsylvania. Her first novel, Mornings in Jenin (Bloomsbury 2010) was an international bestseller translated into 32 languages. She is a contributor to several anthologies, including Searching Jenin (Cune Press 2003), and Seeking Palestine: New Palestinian Writing on Exile and Home (Interlink 2013). Her political commentary has appeared in major press throughout the United States and international media outlets, including the New York Daily News, the Chicago Tribune, the Christian Science Monitor, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Al Jazeera, among others.

About Susan Abulhawa

Abulhawa was born to refugees of the 1967 Six-Day War. She moved to the United States as a teenager, where she got a graduate degree in biomedical science from the University of South Carolina and established a successful career in medical science.

In 2001, she founded Playgrounds for Palestine, an NGO that builds playgrounds in occupied territories and UN refugee camps to uphold the Right to Play for Palestinian children.

She is a signatory to and active participant in the BDS campaign, which calls for an economic and cultural boycott of Israel.

Videos of Susan Abulhawa

Susan Abulhawa reads her poems, set to artistic imaginery.